Loch Tay fishing

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Loch Tay from Killin
Loch Tay looking east from Killin

Grant Tigwell

Grant Tigwell
Provides everything for a days fishing on Loch Tay, this includes boat, fishing tackle and ghillie. All you need to bring is warm clothing, a packed lunch and desire to catch fish.

Loch Tay


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Loch Tay offers salmon trout pike and charr fishing. It lies between the villages of Killin and Kenmore in the central highlands of Scotland. It is 14 miles long and over a mile wide. The rivers Lochay and Dochart run into the head of the loch in the west, while the River Tay itself flows out of the loch in the east.

Loch Tay

The west end is particularly favoured for pike fishing as there are more shallows and weeds. Roach (which are recent introduction) are now increasing in numbers and studies are underway to look at their possible impact. Perch are also present and seem to be recovering after many poor years. Ferox trout are rarely fished for, but they are there. Specimens of 16lb, 13lb and 12lb have been taken in the last few years.

At the west end trout and coarse fishing is run by Killin Angling Club and East Loch Tay Angling Club. Much of the bank can be fished, but anglers should refer to permits for exact details as some areas are not covered by the clubs and some houses have gardens backing onto the loch which must be avoided.


Perhaps the best way to cover the water, which is large by any standards is by boat. Loch salmon fishing is usually done from a boat. Trolling is the most common method. Popular lures include 4.75" Rapalas (black and gold, orange or blue and sliver) as well as tobies. Fishing boats can be hired from :

Highland Lodges
(Near Killin)

Remony Estate

Loch Tay Boating Centre



This is a typical "ribbon" lake being long and narrow with steep sides. There is a shelf which runs virtually all the way round the loch. 30m out the shelf plunges steeply into deep water. Trolling boats try to follow this line. When passing another boat, international rules should be used (keep the other boat to your left). Be careful of crannogs (submerged man made islands). There are over 20 and if you do not know where they are they can do serious damage to a prop.

  Pikey water at The Killin End

Loch Tay
Its a big water, so if boating take local advice


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