River Dee Aberdeenshire

The River Dee at Invercauld

The River Dee at Invercauld

Salmon Season

1 Feb to 15 Oct

Description of the River Dee

The River Dee is one of the big classic salmon rivers. Noted as a good fly fishing river and in the past for its spring runs which appear to be recovering. It rises in the Cairngorms and flows through Braemar, Ballater, Aboyne and Banchory on Deeside to the North Sea at Aberdeen.

River Dee by Braemar

River Dee by Braemar by Jock

Tributarries include Lui Water, Clunie Water, River Muick, River Gairn anf the Water of Feugh.

River Dee Salmon

River Dee Salmon by Jock

The river produces some 2000 spring salmon (Feb-May) and around 4500 summer and autumn fish.

Jock’s Tips and Advice on the River Dee

River Tay Fishing Guide

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The River Dee’s management team had the foresight to make the river 100% catch & release some 15 years ago and is now reaping the rewards for their common sense & forward thinking. The River Dee is the best spring salmon river in the world and large numbers of spring salmon are landed each season along with big catches of Summer and Autumn salmon. Due to its popularity it is not the easiest salmon river in Scotland to gain access to due to its high demand, limited space and the large annual Spring influx of Scandinavian salmon fishers.

Salmon stock numbers increase in the lower river from Banchory downstream until the water warms in late March & April which then sees this large head of fish moving upstream through the middle Dee and often as far up the river system as the upper Dee beats around Braemar & Ballater. The River Dee salmon fishing season opens from the beginning of February through to mid October and many Dee salmon are caught on the fly throughout the river system from July through to October. The River Dee is primarily a fly only river due to its magnificent and easily coverable glides and pools. Very occasionally some salmon beats permit the use of a spinning rod in high water conditions but this is generally not practised.

Popular Dee salmon flies such as the Sunray Shadow, Cascade, Ally’s Shrimp, Dee Monkey do well in the early months and through the Summer patterns like the Dee Sheep, Flamethrower, and Stoats Tail all have their successes.The River Dee opens on the 1st of February and closes on its recently extended date of 15 October each year.

The Dee is a beautiful scenic highland river and its water levels are fed by the melting snow from the Cairngorm Mountains through the early parts of the season. The British Royal family has had residence in Royal Deeside at Balmoral since 1842 such is the outstanding beauty of this highly picturesque area of Scotland.

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