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The River Dionard starts its life at Loch Dionard. One of the most stunning lochs in Scotland, it lies directly below Foinaven.  Expect to see Eagles soaring above.  Before Gualin built the road into the Loch it was also one of the most remote.  Now life is much easier.  The estate keeps a boat on the loch.

The River offers over 50 pools over 6 miles of double bank for salmon and sea trout and all are easily accessible since the track follows the course of the river.  The fish enter the river from the the end of June onwards.

Gualin Estate offers a sporting lodge and apartment accommodation.  Fishing is let by the week on 6 beats.

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  • Flying Fish

    I worked Loch Dionard for three seasons as a Ghillie. It has some of the best sea trout fishing I have known. It is not easy, but the rewards fantastic with 6lb fish a regular feature with the added bonus of salmon some over 20lb.

    Fish an 11 foot through action (to absorb shock)single hander and a team of three. Muddlers, Bibio and Soldier Palmer work well on the bob. Fish small – 10s and down to 12’s in light conditions. 12/10lb good quality leader in most conditions, but be prepared to go lighter down to 6lb in calms. Fish right into the margins as salmon often lie with their tail on the shore.

    As for scenery – you won’t get better.

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