Findhorn Opportunity

Findhorn salmon fishing

Once in a blue moon an opportunty comes up to fish a river that is usually impossible to get near because it is booked up by regulars years in advance, because it is just that good.  It’s known as “waiting for deadmen’s shoes”.  Here is one such opportunity:

“The River Findhorn is one of the very best Scottish salmon fishing rivers of them all. Most of its quality salmon fishing beats are let by the week with sitting tenants returning each year to fish the same weeks such are its catches.. Jock Monteith has access to some of the most exclusive salmon fishing beats on the Findhorn which have proven track records of producing 20 to 40 salmon per week.

This exclusive Scottish salmon fishing is also offered with catered salmon fishing lodge facilities which can accommodate parties of 6 to 12 salmon fishers. This type of exclusive salmon fishing lends itself perfectly for corporate hospitality or private client who wishes something exceptionally special for their colleagues.

The salmon fishing will consist of 6 consecutive days commencing on a Monday and ending on the Saturday with fully serviced lodge facilities available from the Sunday prior to the Sunday following. The salmon fishing will be provided fully guided and with tuition & quality equipment along with fully a serviced & catered luxury fishing lodge making this offer the most exclusive guided salmon fishing package currently available in Scotland.”

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