Castle Beat

River Tay fishing

Castle Beat

Battery and Ford

(fishing beat 55a Both Banks) Grid ref. NN 782 468 – NN 790 478

The Pools

The Castle Pool as the name suggests lies
directly behind Taymouth Castle close to
the village of Kenmore. It starts below
a set of long and very fast rapids with
a considerable fall. On the south side the
banks are wide and open and can be fished
with both single and double handed rods.
On the north side there are several croys
and deep holes. Care must be taken when
wadding this bank, but it is woth the effort.
The Battery Pool is formed where the river
flows up against solid rock. The result
is an enourmous swirl which may confuse
a running fish and persuade them to pause
in their travels. In high water this back
eddy is quite spectacular. The pool is deep
and offers good shelter to fish. It is best
fished from the north bank where an angler’s
seat offers fine views of the river and
castle. The pool holds some good trout.
The Ford is thought to have once been a Roman
crossing point into the mountains. It has
a broad shallow tail which is certainly
one of the few places where such a crossing
might be possible. The north bank is easy
wading and fishes the fly well. There are
some interesting high water lies on the
south bank and near the tail. The tail itself
becomes a fast run which in the summer is
good for grilse.
The Pony Haugh is a pool which was remodelled
in 1992. Catch returns fell off for a few
years while the pool settled back in. In
1997 the pool again started to produce fish.
There are two good croys on the north bank
from which the pool is fished. Fish don’t
seem to be attracted by these features but
prefer to lie on the south bank in the shade
offered the trees. It is a good pool for
a single handed rod as there are no obstructions
behind you.
Tommy Price is a pool which has deliberately
been left wild. While may other pools on
the Kenmore and Castle Beats have been manicured,
this offers a nice contrast. From an island
at the tail of the Pony Haugh two streams
join to form the head of Tommy Price. Beaing
at the bottom of the beat the pool is frequently
overlooked. It is a deep pool with plenty
of bankside coverage and is a place of tranquility.

Trout and Coarse Fishing

Trout and coarse fishing permits are available from Taymouth AC.
Pike and Grayling are not present, but
permits will be issued if requested! 

Trout and Coarse Permits from:

The Post Office 

1 the Square


Tel. 01887 830 200

Open 7 days/week

Salmon Fishing

The Castle Beat is let by day ticket with pools allocated to rods daily.
Residents of the Kenmore Hotel are offered prefered rates, if they are using this beat. 

A ghillie is available if booked inadavance.

Salmon permits from:
The Kenmore Hotel 

The Square


PH15 2NU

Tel 01887 830 205

Fax 01887 830 262

Visit the Kemore Hotel website.

For further information and bookings please contact The Hotel on 01887 830 205

Kenmore and Castle Beats

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