Bolfracks Estate

RiverĀ  Tay

Bolfracks Estate

(Beat 55e South\Right bank) (Also known as Lower Bolfracks)
Grid ref. NN808479 – 827487 & 831487- 837487

The Pools

Dalrawer Island is a popular pool with regulars.
A multitude of small islands and channels have
formed near the south shore, while
the main river comes over a fast glide into
a deep run along the north bank. It is fished
by wading a third of the way across the
flow. The river bottom is good gravel so
wading is easy except in high water. Fish
lie near the opposite bank, especially near
the fence.
Neils Pool is often overlooked. It requires
adouble handed fly rod or spinning rod
as trees come down to the waters edge. In
the tail of the pool is a large deep hole
as well as a lovely long gravel run. A fish
will often lie at the end of the croy pictured
above, so it should be approached with care.
Bolfracks House pool is full of deep holes
and boulders. It is virtually impossible
to fish from the banks which are steep and
overgrown with mature trees. A cast with
a spinning rod may be worth a try in high
water. In the past it fished well from a
boat. There are plans to place a new boat
on the pool in the near future.
The Haugh is a broad long gravel run with
some interesting channels. In the summer
it fishes well for grisle. At the tail is
a deep hole which often holds a fish. Being
relatively quite this pool can hold some
very large fish. A fish estimated to be
close to 40lb took up residence in this
pool in 1997, but would look at nothing!
The end of the pool is marked by a steel
Home farm is a productive pool at the end
of the beat. The river make a broad sweep
around a bend into a glide. This falls off
into a deep pool. The pool fishes well in
all water conditions.

Trout & Coarse Fishing

Permits from Wades Newsagents, Bank Street, Aberfeldy. PH15 2BB. 

Tel. 01887 820397

Salmon Permits from:

Bolfracks Estate Aberfeldy, Perthshire. PH15 2EX 

See also the Bolfracks Website

Tel 01887 820 344

Fax 01887 829 522

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