Fishingnet.com has been in action  since 1996.  It came about when a friend asked for advice on where to go fishing and since he promised to take me with him I had an incentive to find the best.   At the time I was living and working in Perthshire , so little wonder that initial efforts were concentrated here.  But it soon escalated with trips to Dumfries, the Tweed and to Durness.

Over the years it has become a labour of love.  Having fished is a kid in the Southwest this area was soon added, and having worked in London for 15 years I also knew a bit about the surrounding area. So guess what, that was added too… and so on.

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About Paul Fishlock

George Bates
My Grandfather was a water bailiff for Wessex and Secretary of Weston-Super-Mare AA so I grew up with a rod in my hand on the Somerset Levels fishing for rudd, bream, chub and pike or off Knightstone losing rigs on the rocks.

Paul Fishlock
If there was water about I had to stick a rod in it…

Tooting Bec Pond

Tooting Bec Pond

My first job took me to London, where I lived in Tooting Bec where there was pond about a mile away which had some great carp in it.  Many a pleasant day was spent there till the local council decided to drain it and dredge it without removing the fish.  So I strapped a bucket on the back of my push bike, filled it with water and over a morning peddled like mad transferring fish with their heads in the water, tails sticking out to my bath at home.  A week later when the pond was refilled, I reversed the process, putting them back.  So if today you catch a good carp from Tooting Bec Pond (Photo © Copyright Noel Foster), chances are that it had a ride on my bike in the early 80’s.  My first bit of conservation!

On moving to Richmond I discovered the free fishing on the Thames and a friend introduced me to fly fishing at Bewel Bridge Reservoir.  I was immediately hooked and spent far too many hours on boat and bank teaching myself to cast. The obssession extended to Queen Mother Reservoir, Pitsford, Rutland, Grafham, Chew, Blagdon etc. etc.  On a day trip to Devon I also caught my first ever salmon on a single handed rod from under a fallen tree on the River Lyd.  Funny how well you remember your first!

By now my work was taking me abroad and where I went my rods followed, deep sea fishing off Jamaica, Barbados, Australian and Antigua.  But, my favorite was bream fishing in the red light district of Amsterdam or roach on wasp grub on Lake Geneva and the Rhone.

I had three very enjoyable seasons working as a ghillie on Loch Dionard where I discovered the delights of sea trout fishing and then moved to Kenmore where I looked after the salmon fishing on two beats on the River Tay.

And thence to the River Earn for a bit of sea trouting.

These days I am back down south in Dorset where I am enjoying the Frome and the Jurassic Coast.